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Attendance and Absence from School

Regular attendance is important for students to ensure that they benefit from the full range of educational opportunities on offer at The Mile House Therapeutic School.  It is crucial that students establish and maintain, regular attendance, in order to support relationships, their engagement with learning and developing positive behaviours.  We would therefore ask parents and carers to work in partnership with us to ensure attendance remains a priority.


A link to our absence policy is included on this website, but we would remind parents and carers that in the case of a student absence, they should telephone the school on the first day of absence by calling the main office from 8.30am, providing the reason for absence.


The school is only able to authorise absences in exceptional circumstances during term time and so would ask parents and carers to only book holidays and activities outside of this time. There is a form to complete in the event of an exceptional circumstance arising which is available through the school’s main office.