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Therapeutic Provision

Core Therapeutic Support


Empathy is key - Above all else, our therapeutic approach and provision embodies empathy towards our young people. We listen to their story, their thoughts, needs and interests; and aim to provide them with a learning environment and curriculum content that supports them holistically.


We recognise that many of our young people will have experienced difficulties and challenges in the educational environments from which they have come, and so we have carried out extensive research into therapeutic approaches and have designed our school with well being at its core.


This means a welcoming, therapeutic environment with staff who are well trained and committed to building supportive, enabling relationships that encourage students to develop their emotional intelligence and explore their own strengths and interests, in order to engage with learning, and achieve their aspirations. We ensure high staff to student ratios to enable a more collaborative, project-based approach and ensure provision supports engagement and reflects the real world, with skills for life and personal growth.



A Therapeutic Approach-Centred around Well being - We embed therapeutic practices and experiences throughout our curriculum to engender prosocial feelings and to ensure all students have their physiological, safety, love, belonging, and esteem needs met so that they can utilise their strengths through self-actualization (Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs).


We see relationships as the core focus of all education, with kindness, compassion and empathy being at the heart of these relationships. We use the PACE approach (Dan Hughes) together with The Thrive Approach and seek to work in partnership with our students to understand potential barriers, support engagement and develop self-belief. The result of these approaches ensures both personal and collaborative progress and achievement.


The Thrive Approach

Our In-House Expressive Arts Therapist, Chinny Wong


Expressive arts therapy is a multi-arts approach that utilizes a variety of art modalities including visual art, music, drama and movement to help students achieve personal growth. I use creative interventions to support children express and understand their emotions, cope with stress and challenges, as well as get ready to learn. The therapy sessions provide a safe space whereby the pupils can express their thoughts and feelings. Young people will be referred for expressive arts therapy if they struggle to settle into the school environment or experience emotional and behavioural difficulties which impact their well-being and progress in school.


I am registered with The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and am a member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT). I am also currently training to become a Thrive Licensed Practitioner (Nov 2022).

Additional Therapeutic Support


In addition to our core therapeutic offer, some of our students will also have additional therapies included in their provision. The need for additional provision is most often detailed within a student's EHCP, or the need is identified during the admissions process.  All provision is carefully considered at each EHCP annual review.


Additional therapies are provided by experienced, contracted professionals who have been chosen specifically for their expertise and the quality of their services.